Is there an option to Collapse on indent?

  • Hi all,
    I am using Notepad++ for note-taking for my work. I am not a programmer. I was wondering if there is a way to have an option where Np++ automatically adds a collapse option on an indent. I am currently using a custom language but the problem is i have to manually enter the start and end triggers to create collapse points. And if the note is too long it takes a lot of time just creating collapse points.
    Any help would be appreciated with this.

  • Hey phenomenal11.
    I was able to make collapsable tabs by using the Nimrod language.
    I came to the forum for an answer, found this unanswered one and then noticed that my language is one of the predefined ones (Normal Text originally) as compared to your user-defined one. Thought I’d give the others a try and the first one i picked was Nimrod and it worked.
    And because I’m like this, I went through all of the predefined languages and found that Python and Visual Basic weren’t so bad either. YAML was almost ok, except it writes everything in red.
    Nimrod still made format changes like bolding and as a keyword and coloring everything after a double quotation mark, but switching to “vibrant ink” in the style configurator made it all go away.
    So although no one answered your question, it did inspire me to find my own. I hope my solution can help you in the same way.

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