How to remove quotation marks of a word after a character in each line?

  • I have a html file with over 100 links and i wanted to remove the quotation marks after “>” from the last word.

    For example

    ADD_DATE=“1565344866”>“New tab 1”/A>

    ADD_DATE=“1565344866”>“New tab 2”/A>

    ADD_DATE=“1565344866”>“New tab 3”/A>


    ADD_DATE=“1565344866”>New tab 1/A>

    ADD_DATE=“1565344866”>New tab 2/A>

    ADD_DATE=“1565344866”>New tab 3/A>

    How can i achieve this

  • @Rarder-R said in How to remove quotation marks of a word after a character in each line?:

    remove the quotation marks after “>”

    Quotation marks can be problematic as often the one supplied by the OP (that’s you) is not the one in the real data. This can be compounded by pasting in the window without encapsulating the examples in code to prevent the interpreter possibly changing them.

    So to prevent this issue I would suggest highlighting one set of the ‘>"’ and then opening the replace function. The find what field should now be filled with those two characters. In the replace with field just type the ‘>’ character. You can hit the replace all button. Your search mode is set to normal as we arent using a regular expression.

    The proviso is that this 2 character search pattern is nowhere else on any lines as suggested by your examples. If that is not correct you need to provide better examples.


  • @Terry-R Thank you for replying.I’m sorry if the example wasn’t clear.I’m sill a noob to notepad++.Basically what i want is to remove the quotation from the word stated as new tab 1, new tab 2, etc. i.e. change “new tab 1” to new tab 1 and vice versa.

  • @Rarder-R said in How to remove quotation marks of a word after a character in each line?:

    if the example wasn’t clear

    I’m not saying your example wasn’t clear, I’m saying there are multiple quotation marks in the character sets and the way to avoid issues with them is to follow my instructions.

    My last query was whether the 2 characters ONLY exist in the one area of each line. If your examples were accurate enough my instructions should work.

    Please try my method, making sure you have a backup of the file or can undo the changes. Please come back if my method does NOT work. Explain why it did not work and if so give more examples.


  • @Terry-R Thank you. I tried the way you suggested and it worked.

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