How can I search a specific numbers in between two numbers?

  • Hey,
    I’m new on notepad++, and I want to know how can I lookup for a numbers in between two number:

    Like I want to search in a text file full of numbers and words, and I only want to find the numbers between 600-700, so all the numbers from 600-700 will be in search, in others words, no numbers should be search but only the number between 600-700!


  • @BDz48


  • Hello, @BDz48, @gurikbal-singh, and All,

    Don’t forget to select the Regular expression search mode for a correct result of the @gurikbal-singh’s regex

    Now, if you do not want a match when the number 6.. is surrounded with other numbers as, for instance, in text 497954316579791310932, use the regex \b(6\d\d|700)\b

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