Open Notepad++ via command line with a certain character set

  • Hi there,

    is there a possibility to start Notepad++ via command line with a file shown in a certain character set? For example I use Notepad++ to show the Robocopy logfile after finishing my backup to an external hard disk, but the file is displayed with the wrong encoding (I need “OEM 850” in order to see the German umlauts correctly).

    Currently using Notepad++ v7.8.5 on Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit.

    Thank you.

  • @cyclingcat ,

    As far as I can tell, there are no documented command line arguments to select the encoding.

    However, Settings > Preferences > MISC (see docs) allows you to disable automatic encoding detection. That, possibly in conjunction with the New Document’s Encoding options , might be able to help.

    If that’s not sufficient, you can read our FAQ on feature requests. Personally, I think a command-line option to select an encoding is more useful than some of the command-line options. If you do submit a feature request, please paste the link in this thread, so others reading this topic can find out the status of the request.

    (Also, is it possible to set Robocopy to output UTF-8 or UCS-2 LE or some other modern Unicode encoding, rather than the antiquated 8bit OEM-850? In modern computing, using old encodings rather than full Unicode is just asking for trouble.)

  • I’m using the robocopy command line option /UNILOG to write the log file, but it seems to be broken - it doesn’t really write Unicode. Reconfiguring Notepad++ just for the sake of correctly displaying the robocopy logfile is not an option for me, because Notepad++ is my standard editor for nearly everything.

    There can never be too many command line options though, so I’d strongly vote for a possibility to indicate the character set/encoding when opening a file. I’ve just created Github issue #8082 for this.

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