HTML+SVG syntax highlighting

  •     <Language name="html" ext="html htm shtml shtm xhtml xht hta" commentLine="" commentStart="&lt;!--" commentEnd="--&gt;">
            <Keywords name="instre1">!doctype a abbr accept accept-charset accesskey accumulate acronym action add additive address align alignment-baseline alink all alpha alphabetic alt altglyph altglyphdef altglyphitem always amplitude animate animatemotion animatetransform animation anonymous applet arc archive area arithmetic article aside async atop attributename attributetype audio auto autocomplete autofocus axis azimuth b background backgroundalpha backgroundimage base basefont basefrequency baseline baseline-shift bdi bdo begin bevel bgcolor bgsound bidi-override big black blink block blockquote body bold bolder border border-box bottom br butt button by calcmode canvas caption cellpadding cellspacing center central char charoff charset checkbox checked circle cite class classid clear click clip clippath clip-path clippathunits clip-rule code codebase codetype col colgroup collapse color color-interpolation color-rendering cols colspan command compact condensed content contenteditable contextmenu coords crispedges crosshair crossorigin css currentcolor cursive cursor cx cy d data datafld dataformatas datalist datapagesize dataset datasrc datetime dd de declare default defer defs del desc details dfn dialog dilate dir direction disabled discrete display div dl dominant-baseline draggable dropzone dt duplicate dur dx dy edgemode element elevation ellipse em embed en enable-background enctype end e-resize erode evenodd event ex exact exclude expanded exponent externalresourcesrequired extra-condensed extra-expanded face false fantasy feblend fecolormatrix fecomponenttransfer fecomposite feconvolvematrix fediffuselighting fedisplacementmap fedistantlight fedropshadow feflood fefunca fefuncb fefuncg fefuncr fegaussianblur feimage femerge femergenode femorphology feoffset fepointlight fespecularlighting fespotlight fetile feturbulence fieldset figcaption figure file fill fill-box fill-opacity fillpaint fill-rule filter filterunits flood-color flood-opacity focus font font-family font-kerning font-size font-stretch font-style font-variant font-weight footer for foreignobject form formaction formenctype formmethod formnovalidate formtarget fractalnoise frame frameborder frameset freeze from fx fy g gamma geometricprecision glyph glyphref gradienttransform gradientunits h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 hanging hatch hatchpath head header headers height help hgroup hidden hkern horizontal-tb hr href hreflang hspace html http-equiv huerotate i id identity ideographic iframe image image-rendering img in in1 in2 indefinite inherit initial inline input ins intercept intersect isindex ismap isolate isolate-override isolation italic jp k1 k2 k3 k4 kbd kerning keygen keypoints keysplines keytimes label lang language large larger left leftmargin legend lengthadjust letter-spacing li lighter lighting-color line linear lineargradient linearrgb line-height line-through link list listing list-item load longdesc lr lr-tb ltr luminance luminancetoalpha main manifest map marginheight marginwidth mark marker marker-end markerheight marker-mid marker-start markerunits markerwidth marquee mask mask-clip mask-composite maskcontentunits mask-image mask-mode mask-origin mask-position mask-repeat mask-size mask-type maskunits match-source math mathematical matrix max maxlength media medium meet menu menuitem mesh meshgradient meshpatch meshrow meta metadata meter method mid middle min miter miter-clip mixed mode monospace move mpath multicol multiple name narrower nav ne-resize never new nobr noembed noframes nohref none nonzero noresize normal noscript noshade nostitch novalidate nowrap n-resize numoctaves nw-resize object objectboundingbox oblique offset ol onabort onafterprint onautocomplete onautocompleteerror onbeforeonload onbeforeprint onblur oncancel oncanplay oncanplaythrough onchange onclick onclose oncontextmenu oncuechange ondblclick ondrag ondragend ondragenter ondragleave ondragover ondragstart ondrop ondurationchange onemptied onended onerror onfocus onhashchange oninput oninvalid onkeydown onkeypress onkeyup onload onloadeddata onloadedmetadata onloadstart onmessage onmousedown onmouseenter onmouseleave onmousemove onmouseout onmouseover onmouseup onmousewheel onoffline ononline onpagehide onpageshow onpause onplay onplaying onpointercancel onpointerdown onpointerenter onpointerleave onpointerlockchange onpointerlockerror onpointermove onpointerout onpointerover onpointerup onpopstate onprogress onratechange onreadystatechange onredo onreset onresize onscroll onseeked onseeking onselect onshow onsort onstalled onstorage onsubmit onsuspend ontimeupdate ontoggle onundo onunload onvolumechange onwaiting opacity operator optgroup optimizelegibility optimizequality optimizespeed option orient out output over overflow overlay overline p paced pad painted param password path pattern patterncontentunits patterntransform patternunits picture pixelated placeholder plaintext pointer pointer-events points polygon polyline pre preserveaspectratio primitiveunits profile progress prompt public q r radialgradient radio radius readonly rect reflect refx refy rel remove repeat repeatcount repeatdur replace required requiredextensions requiredfeatures reset restart result rev reversed right rl rl-tb role rotate round rows rowspan rp rt rtc rtl ruby rules rx ry s samp sandbox sans-serif saturate scale scheme scope scoped screen script scroll seamless section seed select selected semi-condensed semi-expanded se-resize serif set shadow shape shape-rendering sheet side sideways sideways-left sideways-right size sizes skewx skewy slice slope small small-caps smaller smooth solidcolor source sourcealpha sourcegraphic spacer spacing spacingandglyphs span spellcheck spline spreadmethod square src srcdoc s-resize srgb standby start startoffset stddeviation step stitch stitchtiles stop stop-color stop-opacity stretch strike stroke stroke-dasharray stroke-dashoffset stroke-linecap stroke-linejoin stroke-miterlimit stroke-opacity strokepaint strokewidth stroke-width strong style sub submit subtract sum summary sup super svg svg:svg switch sw-resize symbol systemlanguage tabindex table table-footer tablevalues target tb tbody tb-rl td template text text-anchor textarea text-bottom text-decoration textlength text-orientation textpath text-rendering text-shadow text-top tfoot th thead time title to top topmargin tr track transform transform-box transform-origin transition translate tref true tspan tt turbulence type u ul ultra-condensed ultra-expanded underline unicode-bidi upright use usemap userspaceonuse valign value values valuetype var version vertical-align vertical-lr vertical-rl video view viewbox view-box viewtarget visibility visible visiblefill visiblepainted visiblestroke vkern vlink vspace wait wbr whennotactive wider width word-spacing wrap w-resize writing-mode x x1 x2 xchannelselector x-large xlink xml xmlns xmp xor x-small xx-large xx-small y y1 y2 ychannelselector</Keywords>

  • Was there a question someplace? Or were you offering a feature suggestion? Or were you just showing the way you tweaked the HTML language keywords in your langs.xml and were suggesting that other people do the same?

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