FIND IN FILES, THEN REPLACE: need confirm before replacing checkbox

  • FIND IN FILES then REPLACE: confirm before making changes.
    Find in files command is powerful, essential but potentially destructive.
    There needs to be a checkbox to view each change made and manually approve.
    If you check the box CONFIRM BEFORE REPLACE, you can then see what changes are about to happen BEFORE they are actually changed.

    As it is now, if you make a code mistake and run FIND IN FILES and REPLACE, you can destroy a lot of good html files


  • What you are describing is equivalent to running REPLACE in each individual file manually; if that’s what you want to do, then do it that way, rather than than trying to manipulate the bulk FIND IN FILES feature to behave like it’s a per-file REPLACE.

    Further, it is always up to you, the user, to make sure you have backups of critical data. When doing something like editing code or HTML, I highly recommend not just backups but full version control software (like git or svn or others).

  • Addendum:

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