Highlighting URLs doesn't stop with the url, but continues to end-of-file

  • whyAreLinesHighlighted.png
    In the image, all lines 12 and below are highlighed. Why?

    Note the active line is 2, and although view/show all characters is selected, some whitespace shows in line 17 (that appeared only after narrowing the window and forcing line wrap).

    Backspacing from the point-of-beginning does not see to have any effect. The entirety of the line backed up to becomes highlighted. Cutting the URL lines (and the next few) just moves the start of the problem to the next line down. Aha. A cut that includes the line above the first URL, and below the last URL, undoes the highlighting. So, it has something to do with properly identifying the start and end of a URL. This is becoming a research investigation. But I"m done with writing this. I’ll go back to npp and see what I can find about highlighting urls.

    I have renamed the plugins folder, closed all tabs, closed & reopend npp, reopened several files, and this file and only this file continues to do this.

    I copy/pasted all the text to a new tab, where text appeared normal. I selected the entirety of the original and deleted it, selected all text in ‘new 1’, and copy/pasted it back where it originated, and only the section that had been highlighted new 1 pasted. Very strange.

    I copied the name of the file in the problem tab, closed it, and saved ‘new 1’ with that name. When I opened that, the problem reappeared-so somehow, it seems to be associated with the filename. Um, no, i renamed the file (by changing one character), opened it, and…same phenomenon. Nonetheless, other files don’t seem to behave this way. Some sort of magic is going on…

    At some point, the problem was reversed: the first N lines were highlighted, lines > N were ‘normal’.

    And If anyone has a clear, concise way to tag and search for this, i’d like to hear it. The color of the highlighting is probably configurable. It applies to all lines above (or below) a line selected in an unknown way. It persists somehow, probably based on content. It does not seem to be manifested in other tabs. And I don’t think it has to do with a plugin. Probably blindingly simple, once one knows the trick…maybe copy to ms notepad to kill any hidden chars, then create a new fille…manually reenter…there limitless experiments…

  • @herb-munson it’s highlighting the content of a <script>tag in the html file. Seems to have something to do with ‘themes’. Now I’d like to know how to kill it.