How can I group files into sets

  • I normally have about 30 files open at any give time. Many of the files have the same name. What would be extremely useful would be if I could organize the files into groups or sets so that I could bring up one set to work on at a time, and when I need to work on another set of files, to open that group. I’ve searched a fair amount to find a way forward with this and found little.

    I know there is the list available via shift-tab, and that’s better than nothing because I can see the path to each file in that view. But it’d be so much more efficient to just have the files that belong together in an easy to access group.

    I know there are sessions, but I don’t understand what they amount to or if they’d be useful for this.

    I see “projects” each of which contain a tab “workspace” to which projects can be added. But it seems very clunky; for example I don’t find any method of adding a file that is already open in npp. Did I miss such a feature?

    Are there other ways to group files together in npp?

  • @Michael-Peterson

    yes, for example with sessions.
    Open the files and save the session with a meaningful name.
    Close all files and do the same with other sets.
    Once you’ve done you can load this set of files by using load session.
    The easiest method, in my opinion, is using the explorer plugin
    and its Favorites dialog to make this work.

  • @Michael-Peterson said in How can I group files into sets:

    I know there is the list available via shift-tab

    Do you mean ctrl+tab ?

    @Ekopalypse said:

    Open the files and save the session with a meaningful name.

    Close all files

    Worth noting here is that you can have the same file open in several sessions. For example, I have 2 or 3 that are open in every session I work on. So if you have a similar need, when you are first building up your sessions you don’t have to close ALL files at Eko’s step above; leave the “common” ones open so they stay in the next session you make.

  • @Alan-Kilborn Yes I meant ctrl tab. Thanks for your input!

  • @Ekopalypse I will see if I can get sessions to fulfill this need. I’ll also check out the explorer plugin, and the favorites feature. Thank you, may post back here with questions or comments.

  • The explorer plugin and the favorites sidebar have proved to be very useful, thanks to both of you.

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