Notepad++ has no real dark themes, change my mind

  • Notepad++ has only one complete theme and that’s the light theme it ships with. Every other theme is missing coloring for many of the languages that notepad++ claims to support.

    What’s the point of a theme that leaves various popular languages completely without syntax highlighting? Powershell is key for me and is almost missing everywhere. JSON/Javascript/XML is also key and missing in many places. Its just silly that there are supposedly "so many themes " only to find most of the themes only syntax highlight a handful of languages. (And not a single theme syntax highlights them all except the original)

  • @wd40bomber7

    You can edit those themes yourself. That’s what I do to use the Obsidian style.


  • Yes, I can build my own themes or modify the original. I sort of did that. I wrote something that looks at the original style sheet to determine what languages are missing and then fills them in on the target sheet with styles used elsewhere in the target sheet. I’d say its about 50% effective because a lot of languages have unique styles. I have some ideas on how to fix that, but haven’t had time yet.

    Regardless none of this changes the fact that its quite frustrating to me that styles that ship with NP++ are mostly less than 50% complete.

  • @wd40bomber7

    have you seen this thread?
    I would appreciate if you could share your thoughts on this with us.

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