Notpad permission linux

  • hi i’m french sorry for my english ^^

    i’ve a little problem
    i use Z:\var\www\html\projetweb\vue_projet1.php" to store my web project on linux unbuntu
    but i can’t use Notepad in this directory .
    i use this directory for my localhost apache and phpmyadmin

    i’ve the eror:
    cannot be opened
    Folder “Z:\var\www\html\projetweb” doesn’t exist.

    maybe the Notpad++ span need a permission?
    thank for you help.

  • Sounds like a networking issue, or Windows configuration issue. Notepad++ itself cannot tell the difference between Z:\var\www\html\projetweb\vue_projet1.php when z: “drive” is mapped to \\linuxubuntumachine\path\subpath vs “z:” being an actual physical disk in your computer, so Notepad++ shouldn’t treat them any different. Notepad++ can only see Z:\var\www\html\projetweb\vue_projet1.php if Windows can see it, so if Notepad++ says the directory doesn’t exist then most likely Windows doesn’t see that the directory exists either, at that moment in time. (Sometimes with networked drives, it momentarily loses the connection)

    One test you can run, under identical circumstances, is compare the behavior of notepad.exe Z:\var\www\html\projetweb\vue_projet1.php vs c:\program files\notepad++\notepad++.exe Z:\var\www\html\projetweb\vue_projet1.php

  • Are you running Notepad++ as Administrator (it shows [Administrator]in the Titlebar)? Drive mappings are normally invisible to Programs running elevated (aka “As Administrator”). There are several ways to work around this:

    • Run Notepad++ as regular user
    • Use UNC path (\\<servername>\<sharename>\<path>) instead of mapped drive
    • Map drive in elevated command prompt with net use command

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