Exporting an Existing Language Defintion?

  • Hi all,
    Is it possible to export an existing language definition so that a new UDL can be based on it? What I’m hoping to do is export the Python language definition so I can modify it to create one for GDScript.

    Of course, if someone knows of a GDScript UDL that already exists, that would do just fine, too. I didn’t see one in the github repository.

  • @Ron-Tarrant-0

    I think the problem is going to be that non-UDL languages and UDL languages are vastly different things.

  • @Alan-Kilborn Bummer. Thanks, Alan.

  • I don’t know how similar GDScript is to Python (all I know about GDScript is what I saw from the headlines on this search), but if syntax is basically the same, and it’s mostly just some extra keywords that you’d like to highlight, the Style Configurator has “user-defined keywords” boxes for KEYWORDS and BUILTINS styles, plus the ability to add custom extensions.

    For example, if GDScript is basically python, but with the gd extension instead of py, and a builtin object MySuperNode (and maybe some other KEYWORDS not shown), it might look something like:

    You can do more than one word in each blank, so you can add BUILTINS and KEYWORDS to your heart’s content. This was just a quickie example.

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