Code Completion doesn't work in notepad++ . Help!!!!

  • I was trying to code in java on notepad++ and i couldn’t find any auto completion for it.
    For example :

    i used

    Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
    int cal = scan.

    after i press scan. it should show me the available methods in Scanner class , but it doesn’t do that. What can i do.

    Here is the picture

    Screenshot (2176).png

  • Make sure its configuration was set

  • Apologize me as above is:

    Don’t be confused as It has “Language completion” instead of “Function completion” and
    an extra “ignore letter-case” option for auto completion response.

  • @abdulbadii

    Please don’t discuss or advertise your forked version here!!
    Haven’t you been asked to NOT do this before?

  • That said, other than the wording on the preferences screen, the official Notepad++ v7.8.5 Settings > Preferences > Auto-Completion does have those options:

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure it will do completely what @Gourav-Das wants. It has function completion for known functions (and word completion for words found elsewhere in your document); and it has Function parameters hint on input for helping you input the arguments/parameters to known functions. But I don’t know if the <installdir>\autoCompletion\java.xml has all (or even any) of the java.util.Scanner methods in the auto-completion list.

    And the more I think about it, even if it did, Notepad++ doesn’t have the necessary language-awareness to be able to see that you’ve declared scan as a Scanner instance, and to thus later be able to tell “if the user wants to autocomplete on methods available to scan, I can remember that scan is a Scanner and supply only Scanner methods”. I know there are editors out there that can do such – but from the ones I’ve seen(*), it’s generally only for one or a limited set of languages; Notepad++ has syntax highlighters for dozens of languages, and the development team cannot be expected to be expert enough in all of those languages to build in that level of language-awareness. It might be possible to add that level of awareness using a plugin, but I don’t know whether such a plugin exists for Java-awareness or not.

    (*: For example: the Visual Basic for Applications GUI, and thus the VBA macro-editors for MS Office products, can do that… but it’s for just the one VBA language. And I think Microsoft Visual Studio has some of that… but from what I understand, you have to install each language separately into VS, and you tend to get the whole benefit of the paid MS staff behind such feature sets. There may be custom-purpose Java editors/IDE out there that bring that level of Java-awareness; but I don’t know of any general-purpose editors like Notepad++ that can track a specific variable’s class in whatever programming language you happen to have chosen, and can autocomplete appropriately for that language and class.)

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