NotepadStarter release for installing in new version notepad++

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    Please the mainter update the new version of NotepadStarter

  • @lygstate

    Probably best to say a little more than that, to avoid confusing the entire breadth of Community readers.
    I know I was confused.

  • This tool designed as a Notepad++ plugin by Yonggang Luo, when it installed as a Notepad++ plugin, it’s will automatically replace the system default notepad.exe application with Notepad++ (Without need for removing anything from the windows system.). It’s tested under Windows 7, but Windows XP should also works.

    This tool is based on the sources from npplauncher by [Stepho,2005] and npplauncher at sf by Mattes H. Mattesh,2013.

  • @lygstate

    I don’t see why that would be a Notepad++ plugin.
    I mean, I guess it could be, but architecturally, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that way.

  • @Alan-Kilborn That’s no as simple as you think, the starter need communite notepad++ for monitoring if the opened file are closed.

  • @lygstate

    I didn’t say it was simple.
    Maybe I misunderstand, which may be the case for others as well, so I’ll keep this going.

    So you start up Notepad++ and it loads this plugin.
    Then if you do things on your PC that would normally fire up Notepad.exe, it will instead switch to Notepad++ and do whatever it was going to do, in a Notepad++ tab?
    I’ve seen registry edits that do this on a permanent basis.
    And Notepad++ has some builtins to be run as a “Notepad.exe replacement”.
    But I just wonder about the use-cases for having a plugin sitting there watching for this kind of thing, while Notepad++ is already running.
    Maybe I just miss the point.

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