• hi guys i have a question

    i have paragraph

    bla blabla {suka|tidak|menyapa} blablbalba
    blablablaba {melihat|dilihat} blablabla
    blablablab {teriak|ditempeleng|jualan|murah} blablabla
    blablabla {ketek|joker|koper|nakal} blablaba

    what i want is the last word

    bla blabla menyapa blablbalba
    blablablaba dilihat blablabla
    blablablab murah blablabla
    blablabla nakal blablaba

    i hope u understand ,thank you very much

  • Hi, @upay an All,

    Easy with regular exrpressions !

    • Open the Replace dialog ( Ctrl + H )

    • SEARCH (?-s)\{.+\||\}


    • Tick the Wrap aorund option, if necesaary

    • Clik on the Replace All

    Notes :

    • I assume that your text contains only one range {...|....|....}, per line

    • The search regex looks for two patterns, separated with the | alternation symbol

    • The { and } braces, as well as the | symbol, are special characters in regex syntax, so it must be escaped with \ to be seen as literal chars

    • The (?-s) part, forces the regex engine to see the regex char . as matching a single standard char ( not EOL ! )

    • Then the part \{.+\| looks for an opening brace { till the last | symbol, of each line

    • The second pattern is simply \} which matches an ending brace char

    • As replacement zone is empty, these two patterns are deleted

    Best Regards,


  • @guy038 it works , thanks…but i forget to explain more…
    actually i cant speak english i hope u understand :(

    for example

    Belajar {dari|berasal dari} {kesalahan|kekeliruan} musim sebelumnya, RRQ {terhadap|pada|dilakukan} MPL Season 2 seakan tak terbendung oleh tim lain. Dia {cuma|sanggup} melihat {dari jauh|apaya}.

    what i want is the last word, but other words not be deleted
    if not understand,what i want is the paragraph will be like this

    Belajar berasal dari kekeliruan musim sebelumnya, RRQ dilakukan MPL Season 2 seakan tak terbendung oleh tim lain. Dia sanggup melihat apaya.

    thank you very much i really appreaciate,

  • Hi, @upay an All,

    Ah, OK ! Then, assuming that your text do not contain ranges {.............}, split on two lines as, for intance :


    A possible solution would be :

    SEARCH (?-s)\{.+?\|([^|]+)\}

    REPLACE \1

    If we use the free-spacing mode, the regex, with some explanations in comments, can be rewritten as :

    (?x-s)     #  Search in FREE-SPACING ( SPACE char NO SIGNIFICANT ) and NO SINLE LINE modes ( DOT = a SINGLE STANDARD character )
      \{       #  An OPENING brace
      .+?      #  The SHORTEST NON-NULL range of STANDARD chars...
      \|       #  ...Till an ALTERNATION symbol
      (        #  Beginning of GROUP 1
        [^|]+  #    GREATEST NON-NULL range of characters, ALL DIFFERENT from an ALTERNATION symbol...
      )        #  End of GROUP 1
      \}       #  ...Till an ENDING brace
               #  In replacement, \1 stands for the contents of GROUP 1

    Best Regards,


  • Hi @guy038, @Upay, All

    An alternative and graphical approach to @guy038’s efficient regex solution. The approach needs @Ekopalypse Python script, posted here and, of course, the Python plugin installed:


    Words were marked by a regex expression just for visual reasons.

    Have fun!

  • @guy038 it works, like what i want… thank you very muchh :) :)

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