How to get Vertical Edge Settings programmatically?

  • Yeah there’s definitely no way in the Scintilla messages. I was wondering if there was another solution that was supported, it would have to be something implemented in NP++ specifically. As a possibility, are the NP++ settings exposed to plugins in a useful way?

  • @Derek-Brown said in How to get Vertical Edge Settings programmatically?:

    are the NP++ settings exposed to plugins in a useful way?

    I’m not sure about that but someone else will know.
    Even if they are exposed, I would think that this new multiple vertical edge stuff is too new to be supported yet in that way.

    May I ask what you’re really wanting to do?
    I use the single vertical edge in my setup, but I have Notepad++'s management of it completely turned off. I’m doing what I do via Pythonscript.
    I would think you could do something similar, but without knowing anything further I can’t say for sure.

  • My CommentWrap plugin reads the vertical edge setting by default to decide at what column to wrap comments. This column can also be manually set, so it’s not a huge problem that it’s broken right now, but I would like to restore the functionality.

  • @Derek-Brown

    Ah, okay then.
    What I do won’t help that situation.

    It does seem like a Scintilla oversight to allow setting of multiple edges without having a readback mechanism. Perhaps you want to have a look at the Scintilla issues list, maybe open an issue if there isn’t one.

    But, sadly, I suppose I am the one that broke your plugin.
    I’m sorry.

  • Yes, there doesn’t seem to be a call which is able to get every column
    position set but the call itself seems to report the position from the first column.


    Maybe @donho might consider implementing a new message
    NPPM_GETEDGECOLUMNS and returning an array of ints?

  • How is that call implemented? When I call in C++:

    SendMessage(scintillaHwnd, SCI_GETEDGECOLUMN, 0, 0)

    With edges set at 80 and 120 I get back 0.

  • hmm, strange - basically doing the same as you do = <SciFnDirect>SendMessageW(hwnd, SCI_GETDIRECTFUNCTION, 0, 0)
        cpdef ssize_t getEdgeColumn(self):
            ''' Retrieve the column number which text should be kept within. '''
            return <ssize_t><sptr_t>self.sci_pointer, SCI_GETEDGECOLUMN, 0, 0)

    EDIT: except that I’m using the direct function

  • @Derek-Brown

    just tried it with SendMessage and I do get back 80


  • @Derek-Brown
    WAIT - there seems to be something wrong with MY code.
    Because I set a different value (87) and I still do get back 80.

  • No, nothing wrong with my code but I guess there is another level of potential confusion.
    It reports back what is configured in Number of columns


  • @Derek-Brown @Alan-Kilborn

    ok - sorry for the noise. I didn’t use the latest 7.8.6 iteration.
    I was still running a RC version. In the final version it does what @Derek-Brown said.


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