Bug when opening file and showing requested line

  • If a file is not open and a then the exe is started with argument -n{Line} -c{Col} “{PathName}” the view is not showing the page with the position. This was introduced somewhere from 7.7 to 7.8. 7.7 can do it correctly. In 7.8.6 You can still press the cursor keys and then the view is repositioned to show the correct page, but still it’s annoying.

  • @Atlas-Informatik

    I believe it is a KNOWN ISSUE.

    But the issue mentions word-wrap being on – is this the case for you as well?

  • Hi, yes, it’s exactly this issue. Just checked now:

    • Versions > 7.7: If word wrap is switched on the viewport shows Line 1 instead of the desired line. If it is switched off the positioning works correctly.
    • Version 7.7: Correct line in both cases.

    Nice to have: If the desired line could be positioned about in the middle of the window. Then you see immediately the code above and below the line.

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