Help with LaTeX styling and folding

  • I wish to surround my equation in square bracket, and adjust its size by \left and \right, e.g. $\left[ \alpha(1), \beta(1) \right]$, or in an unsymmetric bracket, e.g. $\left[ \alpha(1), \beta(2) \right)$. Unfortunately the default styling of LaTeX misunderstood my square bracket as “command optional argument” and apply the wrong style to it. I have tried to adjust the styling by Style Configurator or comment out the corresponding line in style.xml, but both did not seems work, the text surrounded (\alpha and \beta in my case) still did not have correct style applied to them. I would be glad that I can have some help to fix this issue.
    Moreover, I used to fold up certain paragraph of my text customly by commenting an open-block and end-block in other language, e.g. \{ … \} in C++, and such work around solution can also be used in TeX environment, e.g. % \begin{} … %\end{}, but not in LaTeX. So may I know if there is any other way to fold my text clearly?
    Sorry for my bad English and thank you very much for your help!

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