I want to cut a specific range

  • 111.PNG

    i want red range text delete
    but i don’t know hot to use Regular expressions
    what shoud i do?

  • Hi, @김성찬,

    From your picture, I suppose that the following regex S/R should work !

    SEARCH (?-s)^.{56}


    Notes :

    • First the in-line modifier (?-s) means that the regex dot char ( . ) matches a single standard character only and not the line-breaks \r and/or \n

    • Then, from beginning of line ( ^ ), it matches the first 56 characters of any line… and deletes them, as the replacement zone is EMPTY

    Best Regards,


  • @김성찬
    just curious, do you know that you can press and hold
    SHIFT+ALT and use the mouse to select a rectangle, which then
    can be easily deleted?

  • @Ekopalypse
    i know SHIFT+ALT and use the mouse to select a rectangle and delete it
    but select a rectangle sentence is over 400,000 line
    So i needed another way

  • @김성찬

    even in this case it would be easy to do it.

    Click on the starting point
    scroll down to the end
    press and hold SHIFT+ALT and click with the mouse to the end point.

    Note, I don’t want you to refuse using regexes,
    just want to make sure that some actions can be done with using it,
    especially when it comes to rectangular selections, easily.

  • Hello, @김성찬 and All,

    An other and easy solution is to use the Begin/End Select feature !

    • 1 Left click at the very beginning of the first line 0000 90 9F 33 .. .. .., to move the caret to this location

    • 2 Select the option Edit > Begin/End Select

    • 3 Use the Ctrl + End shortcut to get the very end of your hexadecimal dump text

    • 4 Press and hold down the ALT key and left click after the 16th hexadecimal byte of the last line

    • 5 Select, again, the option Edit > Begin/End Select

    => After a while, needed to process 400,000 lines about, as you said, you should notice this big rectangular selection !

    • 6 Simply, press the Delete key

    Voila :-))

    Best Regards,


    P.S. :

    If you forget to hold down the ALT key, at step 4 of the method above, you, obviously, get a normal selection of all your text !

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