plugin request: CPP project

  • Hello. I’m working with cpp projects in code:blocks, but want to switch in NPP. So plugin is needed to work with CBP files (code blocks project). With abilities to compile and run opened project. And ofc. autocompletition is needed (parse of all source files in the project).

  • @Demetrius
    A friendly criticism.
    If you are already working with a full fledged IDE, you can imagine how much work that would be, right?
    Given this, and the fact that your description about a plugin that does this,
    … is a little sparse …, if I were interested in doing such a task,
    I would leave it out, just because of the lack of information you provided,
    but I hope for your sake that someone else sees it differently and makes the effort.

  • @Demetrius

    Why do you want to switch to N++?

    If you want to switch, I think you just need to adapt to what N++ provides, not to expect everything you have somewhere else to exist on a one-for-one basis in N++.

    Some addons (plugins) to N++ that meet some of your needs:

    • NppExec - compiling and running
    • tagging plugins (there are a few) - navigation of your codebase

    Good luck.

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