Themes from Style Configurator not applying to User-Defined Languages!!

  • Basically the title. I created a UDL to fit my needs and it just straight up refuses to use my Theme settings. I work in Blackboard theme and the text of my UDL file remains black!! If i tick the global override foreground checkbox then it replaces the color on even my defined keywords which basically mutes the whole point of my UDL. :(
    I have tried:

    1. Restarting notepad++ by disabling plugins
    2. Delete %appdata%\notepad++\ and then Re-installing notepad++ and then re-define UDL from scratch.

    The problem still exists. Please HELP!!

  • nevermind… i found the problem… Go to the User Defined Language box and select your language… in the Folders and Default tab click the Styler Tab under “Default Style” and choose your font color and live happily ever after!

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