Supported versions of Notepad++

  • I asked which versions were still supported and was told only the latest version was supported. Is that referring to major versions? is 7.x supported, or only 7.8.6?

  • @Mary-Lou-Sullivan

    Typically the reality of how it goes is you ask a specific question about what you think is a defect.
    You can do this in about any version you like.
    Probably someone will try out your suspected bug in whatever version they have, in all likelihood a later version than yours.
    If they do not experience the same problem you did, their advice might be for you to upgrade to a newer version and try again.

    If you’re asking if there are dedicate teams supporting each of version 7.1.x, 7.2.x, etc. (or something like that) and then fixing bugs in these specific versions for release as later 7.1.y, etc, then the answer is NO.

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