Invitation to live in a socialist country, my country

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    Hi, I am from Brazil and i am inviting you developer to live here for only one year.
    You will see how is a socialist country.
    Lets see if you don’t change your mind.

    My country was going to be a rich country. We had a fast growning economy and everything was going amazing here.

    In 2002 we had an socialist president elected.
    We were amazing about his speach: Defense of poors, defense of rights, defense of workers, better social rights, defense of imigrants, defense of black people, and a lot more.

    AFTER 13 YEARS OF LEFT WING HERE, they broak our economy.

    • Now we have an GIANT public debt that we all will pay for the rest of our lives, every month with our salary.
    • Poor people have increased 3 times.
    • They have broken our bigest oil company, stealing money. and of course a lot of other companies.
    • We have a lot of unemployed people today
    • We have our educational system destroyed
    • The corruption is now institucinalized.
    • Family values are destroyed.
    • They taught our kids that being gay is good. Our schools are infected by militant groups.

    It is all about money. They are more captalist than the real capitalists. Now the socialist politicians are very rich. And when i say very is real VERY!

    At the end, their great speach was just to steal money.
    They gave hundred of billions of dolars of our money to their friend coutrys(left wing countries), cuba, venezuela, bolivia, nicaragua, and half africa, etc…
    Owwww, we need very much that money right now.

    Now we have a hope again with a right wing president. We could dream again, but not. The left wing can’t accept leaving the power.

    The new president can’t do his job.
    They tried to kill him stabing his stomach
    The left wing is tring to get back to the power again.
    They all are atacking the new president 24/7 in every possible ways you can imagine.
    The corrupted system is all together to fight against the new president.
    The press is trying to destroy him. Everything he say or do is twisted. The left wings used to give billions of our money to the press.
    We are here in a true cold war.

    And here in south america they have destroyed the economy of a lot of countries too.

    Everywhere they touch turns shit

    Good luck!
    I hope you country turns more to socialism if it is what you want.

  • Yes, every formation has its pros and cons. I can put those in both directions.

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  • This post is deleted!

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