Replace all in all opened Documents (bug)

  • first off hello all :)

    My issue is if i change a word using the (Replace all in all opened Documents) in multiple files and make an error eg spelling or typo but have already pressed the (Replace all in all opened Documents), when i press CTRL + Z it only undoes tha document that im currently looking at and not the other documents with the same error… is there a way in future releases that this could UNDO all the documents rather than the one…

    Thanks guys :)

  • @Roy-Booth

    First of all I wouldn’t say this is a bug and you can undo in the other document, can’t you?
    I mean you have to select each and press undo.

    Concerning a feature request how should npp track which document
    should be undone? I mean you can have 5 documents open, 4 of them
    get changes based on the global replace. In the fifth document you
    change something yourself as well maybe on the second document.
    Now execute undo in the third document.

    I don’t say it can’t be done but …

  • I never considered that, but your right. Thanks :)

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