Style Configuration

  • I can´t see all the themes in the style configuration, just the default.
    the reason may be because of a security policy?

  • @sebastian-alvarez-brandon ,

    The themes go in %AppData%\Notepad++\themes for normal installations, or in the themes subfolder of your cloud folder if you’ve set Settings > Preferences > Cloud, or in the themes subfolder below your notepad++.exe's folder in a portable/zip edition.

    If you need help determining which setup you have, showing us the contents of the ? menu’s Debug Info (copy to clipboard and paste here), as well as the cloud preferences tab (Alt+PrintScreen and paste the image into your reply)

    If the installer didn’t have permission to write the themes to the appropriate location, or if you installed the “minimalist” zip edition (which doesn’t contain the fancy stuff), then those files might not be there. If they aren’t there, see if you can manually put them in that correct location. If they aren’t readable (or writeable) due to security policy, then there’s not much we can do for you, and you’ll have to talk with your I.T.

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