Help me find text from <div class HTML thank you all

  • Dear
    i have 1500 more file html. i want to fint and take text info from them. by Notepad++. i use find all files. Code html like:
    <div class=“love”>text1</div> from file 1
    <div class=“love”>text2</div> from file 2
    <div class=“love”>text3</div> from file 3

    how do i use Notepad++ to seach and take all text from my files? ( i mean text 1 text 2 text 3…
    Thank you so much

  • @Minh-Rau

    I’m not sure I understand what you try to achieve.
    What means take all text in this case?
    Can you explain in more detail what exactly you want to do?

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