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  • Hello is my first time when i use this forum so forgive me if i type something wrong or my post is in the wrong section i want to know something about editing multiple file at once!
    i have to edit 3 files with some codes Noumbers to be exactly
    well one files are only the noumbers another one is noumbers+some info and the last one is noumbers+some description
    for me is not important the description and the info only noumbers are likes 1044,1045,1046,etc and when i edit one of the file and i delete for example i delete noumber 1044 when i delete it to be automaticaly or idk how but to be deleted from other 2 too without copy,search,select,replace i mean isn’t hard but is hard to edit those noumbers in all 3 files Thank and i hope someone will help me xD

  • @AlleXuSS-Gr

    No, this is nothing what editors normally do and I haven’t seen
    such a feature in other editors but who knows … maybe there is
    one out there which has this ability.

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