help just black screen in google play app

  • Hi,

    I WAS UNDER THE IMPRESSION that notepad++ was a google play app too? But in google play "
    Notepad Plus Code Editor for HTML CSS JavaScript"

    all i get is a black screen & 4 titles at the bottom left, New file, Open Files, Preferences, Info, nothing else, ive got a lot things from the desktop version to down load into my SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 but all i get is the black screen.

    Can you tell me, have i got the wrong thing or can somebody tell me what to do to get it back again.

    Its a very good program even though i don’t use it properly.

  • @Ron-Edmonds

    google play app

    Yea, well, the best thing to do is to just forget totally about this kind of idea.
    Notepad++ is a Windows program.

  • OH no, he he i feel such a fool now, i always knew it was, but i had a mental block, of course it is you just reminded me DOH!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Put it down to the stroke i have down the RH side. thanx again

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