Get 1 line from more than 200 files with an expression and put them into 1 file with filename

  • Hey guys,
    I have like 200 files, from which i gotta get out 1line/file which has an exact expression("$hbox"). I have to systematize them, so I can work with them later much more easier. Also I have to know from which file are the lines from.

    Thought about something like this:
    <line1> | <file1name>
    <line2> | <file2name>

    I’d be glad if y’all could help me, even if not like how I imagined it!

    I don’t really know the borders of notepad++ and I really don’t know where else i could ask for help or manage to do this, so if I’m at the wrong place, I’d be glad for some redirection.

  • Hello, @márk-birtalan, and All,

    Natively, Notepad++ can show you all the files containing your string "$hbox" as well as all the lines containing this string ;-))

    Here is a quick road map :

    • Open the Find in Files dialog ( Ctrl + Shift + F )

    • Type in "$hbox" in the Find what: zone

    • Type in "$hbox", again, in the Replace with: zone ( To avoid problems in case of confirmation of the replacement ! )

    • Choose your file filters in the Filters zone, if any

    • Type in the absolute path to your files to scan, in the Directory zone ( They must all belong to a same folder )

    • Untick the Match whole word only option ( IMPORTANT )

    • Tick the Match case option

    • Select the Normal search mode

    • Click on the Find All button

    => After searches, a Find result panel is displayed, containing all lines, with a string "$hbox", of all your files scanned

    Then, while double-clicking on any line of that list, the associated file is selected/opened and cursor moves to the exact occurrence of the string "$hbox", in the corresponding line !

    You may save all these locations, in a file :

    • Right-click in this panel and choose the Select all option

    • Copy this selection in clipboard with the Ctrl + C shortcut ( do NOT use the context menu Copy )

    • Open a new tab ( Ctrl + N )

    • Paste the clipboard’s contents ( Ctrl + V )

    • Save this new tab

    If you need some modifications in this raw output text, just tell me ;-))

    Hope it helps you a bit !

    Best Regards,


  • Thx for the help, really appreciate it :D

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