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  • Hi,

    I have many documents to translate. So I opened them in NP++ and replace many words at one time with ‘Replace in all opened documents’.

    For example: I want to translate “dog” to “chien” (in french). If it’s “Dog”, I want it replace to “Chien”.
    If I check “Preserve case”, it only replaces the first one, not the one with with the first letter in capital (Dog).

    Is there any way to replace the words in both situation without having to retype the same twice (one in lower case and one with first letter in capital)?

  • @Hakunamatata67

    use regular expression search mode and check match case (I guess that what you translated to preserve case).

    find what:(?:(d)|(D))og
    replace with: (?1c)(?2C)hien

  • Hello, @Hakunamatata67, @ekopalypse and All,

    An other syntax could be :

    SEARCH (?-i)(?:(D)|d)og    or more simply    (?-i)(Dog)|dog

    REPLACE (?1\u)chien

    Best regards,


  • Thank you guys :)

  • I have an issue: if I replace “he” to “il” (in french), it will also replace all word containing “he”, for example, it will replace “other” to “otilr”.
    Any way to avoid that?

  • Hi, @Hakunamatata67, @ekopalypse and All,

    Ah yes, I should have been more specific ! So, my regexes become :

    SEARCH (?-i)\b(?:(D)|d)og\b    or     (?-i)\b(?:(Dog)|dog)\b

    REPLACE (?1\u)chien

    And, if you prefer the @ekopalypse’s syntax :

    find what:\b(?:(d)|(D))og\b
    replace with: (?1c)(?2C)hien

    • The \b is an assertion which represents a zero-length location between, both :

      • A non-word character and a word character

      • A word character and a non-word character

    • The conditional (?#Test) structure, in replacement, rewrites the word Test if the group # has been matched in search regex

    Best Regards


  • You’re the best guy038!
    Thank you so much

    Take care

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