Adding color picker plugin

  • I want to add quick color picker plugin to npp.For this i tried all steps i see on google to do it.I downloaded npp color picker plugin from [](link url)(a dll extension file),then i copy this file to *C:\program files(86)\Notepad++\plugins\color picker.dll

    Then i open npp ,click on plugins but nothing appears.I restarted app nothing happens.
    Then i click on settings in npp app ,click on import>import plugin(s) and guess what, nothing happens again.
    So can anyone tell me detailed step i should follow to get a color picker from downloading the plugin to importing it?

  • @Dron

    depends which version of npp you are running.
    Please post your debug-info from ? menu, the last menu item.

  • @Dron said in Adding color picker plugin:

    i tried all steps i see on google to do it

    What are the dates on the steps?
    Probably a bit ago.

    Notepad++ has changed.
    You now need to put a plugin in a folder with its same name:

    Or better yet, use Plugins Admin
    NOT Plugin Manager as you are likely to see in dated internet posts.

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