Save As dialog keeps popping up

  • This doesn’t always happen and I cant trigger this issue. But from time to time I try to do a save as, and when I click save, the Save As dialog pops up again, I turn it off then another one pops up and another and another. I think it triggers a save as dialog for every tab thats opened. As a result the contents of my tab gets saved to the very first tab filename, overwriting that files content, while my original tab i wanted to say, did not save anywhere. If I attempt a save as again, it will do this again. Unless I turn off the notepad and turn it back on. I have noticed this behavior through out many years of using Notepad++ but I can never pinpoint why it happens because it doesn’t happen often.

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    The SaveAs window will default to showing .txt in the file type drop-down, but if a type is given as part of the filename, it will use that instead.

    For example, if you create a new file and name it newfile.zzz, open it with Np++ and then choose SaveAs… it will appear as:

    File name: newfile.zzz
    Save as type: Normal text file (*.txt)
    However, if you just click the Save button at this point, the file will be saved as just newfile.zzz and not newfile.zzz.txt

    If you don’t want .txt appearing in the type
    In Settings->Preferences->Default Directory tick “Use new style save dialog” and it will default to showing all types (.) when you go to save.

    Adding a language
    If the language exists as one that notepad knows about, but with a unique file extension, then you can add that extension in the style configurator.

    Settings->Style Configurator->Language

    Select your language and add your extension at the bottom, in the User ext box.

    If Notepad++ doesn’t know about your language, then you can add one:

    Language->Define your language

    The minimum amount you need to do is Save As, set your language name, then set the file extension you want.

    I hope this information will be useful.
    Thank you.

  • @Mr-Zsomething said in Save As dialog keeps popping up:

    …another one pops up and another and another. I think it triggers a save as dialog for every tab thats opened.

    To me this sounds like you are initiating a Save All, not a Save As .

  • @Alan-Kilborn ohhh that is very possible. in photoshop i am used to doing clr+shift+s which triggers a save as dialog.
    this combination triggers a save all in notepad. this makes sense. This is probabaly what it is.
    Thank you!

  • @Mr-Zsomething

    You can certainly remap Notepad++'s keycombos for this to whatever works best for you!

    See the Settings menu and pick Shortcut Mapper…

  • @Alan-Kilborn That would be pretty neat, I may do that.
    Thank you!

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