How to quit Notepad++ softly?

  • Hello,

    In my system I have configured Notepad++ to start by default with the start parameter --systemtray. But ´after a system restart the last settings of Notepad++ (or the all last words added to user dictionary) are lost, if I forget to close Notepad++ in system tray (via the context menu option “Close Tray Icon”).
    So I need to quit Notepad++ softly. But how? With which parameter? Something like notepad++ -quit would be nice.
    Then I can set in task scheduler what is automatically to do on system restart or on logoff.

    In “Notepad++ Command Argument Help” such command “quit” is not available.

    Thanks for help.

  • @guthubnik

    Try to use the TaskKill console command without the /f switch. This sends a WM_CLOSE message to the targeted process which likely is what you call a “soft quit”.

  • Hello @dinkumoil

    with taskkill /IM notepad++.exe is not possible to close the Notepad++, if this is loaded in system tray. Only his windows would be closed, if it is open on the foreground, but not the process it self.

    But thanks for trying it!

    Maybe it is possibly to contact the author directly? And how?

  • @guthubnik said in How to quit Notepad++ softly?:

    Maybe it is possibly to contact the author directly? And how?

    There really are no direct methods of contacting the author.
    The best you can do is open a new feature request, and instructions for doing that is one of the FAQ.

  • Hello @Alan-Kilborn,

    thank you for the FAQ link, but I cant “simply, click on the green New issue button, on the right”, because so one is not exist (all scripts are active in my browser). So I cant post new issue in this desk.

  • @guthubnik ,

    You don’t even have to be logged into github to have a green New Issue button. Just follow the link from the FAQ to the Issues page, and I see:


    I am not sure how you aren’t getting that, unless you didn’t follow the link in the FAQ to the Notepad++ Issues Tracker

  • @PeterJones,

    sorry it was my mistake - I tried to search for this button it in FAQ desk.
    Here is the issue:

    Missing a command to close Notepad++ softly to avoid loss of recently changed settings (Issue: #8484)

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