Access NPP command-line from plugin

  • I want my plugin to handle a custom command line parameter.

    I can use the undocumented -z parameter that @Ekopalypse kindly nudged me toward.

    For -multiInst I can get the NPP command line from Win32 API (GetCommandLineW), but for mono-instances that will only work for the initial launch.

    It seems that mono-instance works on subsequent launches by sending the command line parameters to the first NPP instance via WM_COPYDATA message.

    Unfortunately WM_COPYDATA doesn’t appear to be forwarded to plugins “messageProc” by _pluginsManager.relayNppMessages().

    Worse - currently NPP strips out the -z (+ next) parameter and doesn’t add them to the WM_COPYDATA message, so it’s not even worth hooking it directly.

    I think the best solution might be to implement a new NPPN Notfication something like NPPN_PARAMETERS_CHANGED?

    Is this worth my while investigating and maybe raising a pull request?

    Or is there a better way!?


  • @moon6969

    sorry, but I don’t understand how you can start multiple mono-instances?
    What did I miss?

  • Apologies - I was trying to describe how NPP implements mono-instance mode…

    • Enable ‘mono-instance’ mode & close all NPP instances
    • Launch NPP notepad++.exe xyz.txt
      • Process ID = 123
      • GetCommandLineW correctly shows notepad++.exe xyz.txt
    • Launch 2nd NPP instance notepad++.exe -z -test abc.txt
      • Process ID = 234
      • NPP 234 detects Mutex from NPP 123
      • sends WM_COPYDATA to NPP 123 containing ‘abc.txt’
      • kills self (234)
    • NPP 123 receives WM_COPYDATA
      • Opens ‘abc.txt’ alongside ‘xyz.txt’
      • GetCommandLineW still just shows notepad++.exe xyz.txt

    How can I get the “-z -test” parameters from the plugin running in the mono-instanced NPP 123?

  • @moon6969

    yes I see, I guess some kind of notification, as you wrote, is needed here.
    The wording NPPN_PARAMETERS_CHANGED might be a bit misleading
    as the mono-instance is still reporting its parameters correctly.
    Native speakers - what do you suggest? :-)

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