Notepad++ took over my Win 10 Notepad w/o my permission "Please reinstall Notepad Starter"

  • I just recently installed NPPP to edit some MySQL dumps.
    I don’t need NPPP to replace normal Notepad which I use for admin stuff.

    so how can NPPP mess with my registry and replace Notepad such that when I try to use Win10 Notepad via start icon I get NPPP ???

    I uninstalled NPPP, tried Notepad and I get “Please reinstall Notepad Starter” window …

    Now after some research this is not an MS exe all roads lead here …

    Now I think you should at least ask the user before initiating a hijack and you need to fix your uninstaller CCleaner find loads of legacy entries

    Sorry but Its just not up to scratch guys

    I suspect by association its the Starter plugin

    So I reinstalled NPPP and the starter plugin on VBOX Win10 - uninstalled starter plugin then NPPP but blow me rogue Reg entries …
    This is 2020 not 1998 …
    Im a bit upset you do not war people this is hijackware … come one it’s freeware supposed to be reputable ???

    Either tell people what the plugs do and to uninstall prior to NPPP or loose out to Visual Code Editor … from MS

  • @GreG-Gregsn

    I don’t think plain npp is doing what you have described and if you use a plugin from someone else
    to replace notepad with notepad++ how can you not know that this happening?
    Are you sure you are using the official npp and not some windows store app?
    Can you describe in detail what you did?
    And post the debug-info from the ? menu?

  • @GreG-Gregsn

    I did a search and found this.
    If this is what you have installed, then there is a readme in the zip telling you what it will do.
    In addition there are a install, replacer and uninstall batch.
    And as said, this is a plugin developed by someone else it is not part of the official npp application.

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