setting font in both views (normal and other) How?

  • I need to get both the normal view and other view to have the same font and size. I want to compare two files and different sizes makes it difficult.
    Knew how to do it in the past but have forgotten (or latest release changes)

  • The font and used size depends on the lexer configuration used.
    If the file types are the same then they should use the same font already,
    otherwise you can use settings->styleconfigurator to make your changes.

    If it is a problem that one view has a different zoom level than the other then you can
    reset both to default by using **view->zoom->restore default zoom.

  • I don’t understand what you mean by the “lexer configuration”. I have found that using the compare plugin when I hit the compare shortcut Ctrl+Alt+C the fonts become the same in both views. So perhaps my question is redundant. I have not come across the “zoom” level before, where is it?

  • I have found the zoom level button on the tool bar so disregard that last point. And thanks for helping.

  • I think we can consider this question closed. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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