From Notepad++ to SSH, wrong conversion

  • I work with Notepad ++ on Windows 10.
    If I copy a text and paste it into SSH, for example in the “nano” editor, the text is paginated incorrectly.
    I must first paste it into the Windows Notepad editor and then cut it from here to paste it in nano.
    I did not understand what the parameter to be corrected in Notepad because it is not necessary to do this intermediate step.

    Some of these texts were written during a Linux session with the Mousepad editor and obviously these texts can be copied into nano without problems.
    I would like to maintain this compatibility so that when I work on Linux I can continue copying them.

  • @Dark-Corner

    My guess is line endings. I’m not at computer to show screenshots, but try your cut and paste from N++ with Windows line endings (CR LF) and then try converting your file in N++ to Unix line endings (LF) and try your cut and paste again. I’m betting one will give you the results you want and the other will give you what you’re experience now (undesired).


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