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  • Hello, @pan-jan and All,

    Sorry for my late answer ! Initially, I did not see a good explanation ! One day, I realized that, may be, your dictionary file was probably ANSI encoded ! I verified my assertion and, indeed, it’s the cause of your problem !

    So, here is the road map :

    • Go to the folder ...\plugins\config\Hunspell

    • Back-up your lang.dic and lang.aff files ( One never knows ! )

    • Start Notepad++

    • Disable, temporarily, the DSpellCheck plugin

    • Open the two files lang.dic and lang.aff, from within N++

    • Change the first line of lang.aff with the command SET UTF-8

    • Verify, in the status bar, that its encoding is UTF-8 ( not UTF-8-BOM ! )

    • Save the modifications

    • Select the lang.dic tab ( Probably, this file is ANSI encoded )

    • Run the command Encoding > Convert to UTF-8 ( not convert to UTF-8-BOM ! )

    • After a little while, save the modifications of lang.dic

    • Now, close the two files lang.dic and lang.aff files

    • Enable, again, the DSpellCheck plugin

    => This time, if special words contain Unicode characters, with code-point over \x{00FF}, you should be able to add to the dictionary , in the lang.usr file

    Anyway, the method is self-explained in the dialog, below, and I suppose that you’ve found out the solution, by now !


    Best Regards


  • I don’t use Hunspell.
    This is happening in Aspell.
    These words are written in pl.pws.
    pl.pws has ISO format.

  • @Pan-Jan

    maybe this clarifies what you need to do??

  • early there is such a big picture and it is explained there

  • @pan-jan

    I’m really disappointed by your answer !

    If you had mentioned that you use Aspell dictionaries, I wouldn’t have wasted my time, writing my answer and testing one hour, about, because I use the default Hunspell dictionaries !

    Moreover, I just verified that the simple Google search Aspell form gives, among all the possibilities, Aspell file format and, then, the link, below :

    which redirects you to the article that @ekopalypse just gave you !



  • My fault. Excuse me.
    I don’t know English and there may be a misunderstanding which doesn’t mean I’m rude.

  • @guy038
    Maybe you know how to add new words to pl_PL.dic?
    I tried in different places and nobody could solve it for me.

  • @Pan-Jan said in Add the Icon to the toolbar:

    My fault. Excuse me.
    I don’t know English and there may be a misunderstanding which doesn’t mean I’m rude.

    The argument that you can’t write English is no longer valid today.
    There are enough good online translators that you can use.
    Of course you have to take the trouble and write reasonable sentences in your mother tongue to get reasonable translations.

    Argument, że nie można pisać po angielsku, jest już dziś nieaktualny.
    Istnieje wystarczająco dużo dobrych tłumaczy internetowych, z których można korzystać.
    Oczywiście, aby otrzymać rozsądne tłumaczenie, trzeba zadać sobie trud i napisać rozsądne zdania w swoim ojczystym języku.

  • I do not agree with this view.

    It is enough to write a little longer sentence and translate it into some language
    and back to the original. Then you can see how the translators work.

    I used to write with a Japanese woman.
    Often times it was hilariously translated.

    I don’t know any better than “Google translator”.

  • @Pan-Jan

    Większość tego, co piszę, jest tłumaczona przez tłumacza internetowego, a ponieważ muszę założyć, że Twoja odpowiedź również została przetłumaczona, ponieważ sam powiedziałeś, że nie znasz angielskiego, posunąłbym się nawet do stwierdzenia, że Twoja odpowiedź wspiera mój argument, ponieważ wszystko jest zrozumiałe, o wiele bardziej zrozumiałe niż poprzednie posty.

  • Here some even write in Italian.

    The problem is to explain what problem I have with Notepad.
    Even the English don’t always understand each other.
    How I am trying to explain in short sentences
    some write that I am rude or arrogant.

    Today I figured out how to use
    Google translator.
    Dzisiaj wpadłem na pomysł jak używać Google translatora,
    aby tłumaczenie było jak najlepsze.

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