XML Tools slow down notepad++7.8.7 (32bit) when opening and working with large files (e.g. 20 MB)

  • Since a few month I occasionally noticed notepad++ “not responding”, or, when typing new text, the characters came in “drop by drop”, very slowly.
    Today I found the time to experiment with the (few) plugins I have (taking them out of the plugins folder one by one) and found, that the current version of the XMLTools seems to cause this behavior.

    Is this already known, and is it possible to fix this?
    Thanks, Klaus

  • @Klaus-IsbruchDN :
    Unfortunately I now found a second issue, causing a terrible behavior of notepad++.
    If npp’s word completion is turned on, it causes text being typed in to appear “drop by drop”, character by character.
    In the status bar it is visible, that the file size increases by 1 byte every second. It seems that the word completion function has been changed somewhere in the past few months, because I never had this terrible behavior last year (I often work with files much larger than 20 MB, and never watched this before).

    So my current status is:

    • take out XMLTools, and opening a large file (20 MB) doesn’t cause npp “not responding”.
    • disable word completion doesn’t cause npp to enter typed characters by one character per second.

    Is there any chance to get this fixed?

  • @Klaus-IsbruchDN

    are you sure you have the latest XML Tools plugin installed?
    I can work with a 200MB xml file if the xml autochecks are disabled.

    I can confirm, that the word completion slow down npp on big files.

    Is there any chance to get this fixed?

    The XML plugin related parts need to be addressed to the XML plugin author and you can open an issue here for npp issues.

  • @Ekopalypse Thanks for the confirmation and the hints on how to proceed.

    I opened a Github issue https://github.com/notepad-plus-plus/notepad-plus-plus/issues/8544 for npp, and will re-examine my experience with the XMLTools.

  • XML Tools is FINE.
    I have installed npp and xml tools from scratch, and xml tools had NOT any visible negative impact.

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