Large File Tab Close

  • I am having a problem with Notepadd++. I copied some text a tab of Notepad++. The text probably represents about 110 MB of data. It is causing Notepad++ to hang. Because it is hung I can’t close the tab the text is on. It isn’t a saved file, so I can’t just delete, or rename the file and not have it load. Everytime I start Notepad++ it tries to load the text and hangs again. How do I kill the tab that has this text in it, or maybe reset Notepad++ not load anything at startup.

  • @Brett-Horsley

    depending on your installation/configuration you will have
    either an %APPDATA%\notepad++\backup directory or a
    backup directory in the install directory of npp.
    Rename the file with 100MB. Start Npp.

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