7.8.8 problems with open files (on a network drive)

  • I use npp (version 7.8.6) daily fro years with no problems. To check the progress of open and permanently changed log-Files it is (was) the best version since this morning.
    I installed npp 7.8.8 32-bit (on a windows 10 Pro 64bit 1909). And now npp hangs, when i open a logfile on a network drive. No other changes an my side.
    I then installed 7.8.6 and everything works fine again. Haven’t tested 7.8.7, so maybe the bug comes with that release.

  • reading someother “help wanted” in this forum i found notepad 7.8.9 32bit freezes with dbf.file. There the reason is detected. It is the word wrap - function that cause the problem. And that is definitily a new problem, because the log-files i’m, haven’t changed their line length since years and were always on a netwrok drive.

  • just tested new 7.8.9 32bit --> same problem.
    But my special one can be solved. Instead of using .LOG als “SQL” i assigned “LOG” to VB / VB5 in stylers.xml. Now syntax highlighting is OK and the freeze is gone.

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