Find previous broken if using regular expressions

  • Find previous does not work if “regular expression” is checked. Always worked before. Anyone else have this issue?

  • @Derrick-Gunter said in Find previous broken if using regular expressions:

    Find previous does not work

    I have 7.8.8 and if you are referring to “Find (Volatile) Previous” (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F3) it is working for me. I had some text and have my search mode as regular expression. I tried the word “to” and then also added to it to make “to\h+” so it was forced to be a regular expression.

    What version are you? Perhaps if you are on the 7.8.9 you may have found a bug?


  • @Derrick-Gunter

    Please read the release notes for 7.8.7, especially number 10. It is not a bug.


  • Hello, @derrick-gunter, and All,

    Since Notepad v7.8.7 version, the backward search is not allowed, by default, when Regular expression mode is set !

    But, as @michael-vincent, said, in his post, there is a new regexBackward4PowerUser attribute of the FindHistory tag, in the Config.xml configuration file. Just change its value from no to yes ;-))

        <FindHistory nbMaxFindHistoryPath="10" nbMaxFindHistoryFilter="10" nbMaxFindHistoryFind="10" nbMaxFindHistoryReplace="10" matchWord="no" matchCase="yes" wrap="no" directionDown="yes" fifRecuisive="no" fifInHiddenFolder="no" dlgAlwaysVisible="no" fifFilterFollowsDoc="no" fifFolderFollowsDoc="no" searchMode="2" transparencyMode="1" transparency="150" dotMatchesNewline="no" isSearch2ButtonsMode="no" regexBackward4PowerUser="yes">

    Best Regards,


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