could not open the project file

  • Good Morning,
    I have an issue with the project. I have configured a set of file in the project # 1 very useful when accessing a set of files all the time. Now when I ask to open the project #1 nothing happen. Same if I try to open project#2 or 3 that I have never used. I got te same issue some time ago and the solution was to delete a configuration file. Unfortunately I did not write the solution and I do not remember the file name to delete.
    thanks for your help.

  • @Pierre-Huybens-0

    the config.xml contains a project panels tag like

            <ProjectPanel id="0" workSpaceFile="D:\to_delete" />
            <ProjectPanel id="1" workSpaceFile="" />
            <ProjectPanel id="2" workSpaceFile="" />

    As you see in the example, ProjectPanel 1 (0 in xml) points to a file D:\to_delete and if you open this file then you see the list of files assigned to the project.

        <Project name="Project Name">
            <File name="mybatch.bat" />

  • @Ekopalypse thanks for you information Ekopalypse and sorry I was out for a while and did not reply to your post. indeed the file contains the path of the project file and this one exist but when I try to open from notepad++ nothing happen. the file contains indeed the path to the file I put to the project.
    <ProjectPanel id=“0” workSpaceFile=“D:\saved\espaceNodepadd” />
    <ProjectPanel id=“1” workSpaceFile="" />
    <ProjectPanel id=“2” workSpaceFile="" />

    c:\tmp>type D:\saved\espaceNodepadd
    <Project name=“wiki”>
    <File name=“E:\WorkingFixedDoc\wiki\naswiki.txt” />
    <File name=“E:\WorkingFixedDoc\wiki\oslinux.txt” />
    <File name=“E:\WorkingFixedDoc\wiki\pi\security.txt” />
    <File name=“E:\WorkingFixedDoc\wiki\pi\wikiPi.txt” />
    <File name=“E:\WorkingFixedDoc\wiki\pi\pi_mailserver.txt” />
    <File name=“E:\WorkingFixedDoc\wiki\pi\pi2_software.txt” />
    <File name=“E:\WorkingFixedDoc\wiki\pi\security.txt” />
    <File name=“E:\WorkingFixedDoc\wiki\powershell.txt” />
    <File name=“E:\mydev\pythonExamples.txt” />
    <File name=“E:\WorkingFixedDoc\wiki\electronique.txt” />
    <Project name=“daily”>
    <File name=“E:\WorkingYearDoc\Trigonelles\Proximus\modemProximus.txt” />
    <File name=“C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts.txt” />

  • solution , I delete the config.xml file and when restarting NPP a new one is created and now I can have view again the project window

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