on clickable links - mouse cursor is flickering

  • I have “clickable links” enabled,

    and have noticed significant mouse cursor flickering when mouse is over the link
    in Notepad++

    It hasn’t been before, I suspect some new version of Notepad++ started this…

    Anybody experience the same? :-(
    Please fix this…

  • I just found out that the last stable version (without mouse cursor flickering while sliding over links) was Notepad++ 7.8.6
    Onwards versions are flickering…

  • @jablka

    Does not happen to me.
    Could you post your debug info from the ? menu?

  • My cursor is not flickering when the mouse is over it but it flickers as I move the mouse left/right over a link. It’s possible your system is making npp think the mouse is moving.

    Try disabling and re-enabling clickable links to see if the flickering problem goes away until you exit/restart npp. The enable flag is in Settings / preferences / MISC. / Clickable Link Settings

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