creating your own "language" ...

  • i would like to implement my own language in N++ … it is similar to html (it has tags)

    <var>ruser.pravice = [<decode.pass>[$ruser.pravice][$ruser.password]</decode.pass>]</var>
    <access>pageClanekDelete [] [<redirectTo><!server_url>?err/401</redirectTo>]</access>
    <if>#usid <> [] then [
    	<sql>execute [delete from tblClanek where usid = '<#usid>']</sql>

    i cannot get N++ to highlight my new “commands”… ie <if> <return> <var> …
    anyone got any ideas?

    i tried to “create your own language” but it only works with commands without <tags>

  • @Sebastjan

    Using < and > as delimiter should do the job. Either to use it
    as mechanism to color the text inside or with nesting enabled to color
    the different keyword groups.

  • thanks… tried it and it works half the way i want… but it is better then nothing.
    thank you.

  • @Sebastjan

    without knowing what the second half should be it is hard to tell what can be done in addition.

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