Clean up the backup folder

  • I have updated from portable npp.6.9.2. on w10 to npp.7.8.9.bin.x64 on w10. I have copied my backup folder from npp.6.9.2 to the folder of npp.7.8.9.bin.x64 and I have copied my session.xml too. I have stock settings on the new npp.7.8.9.bin.x64. THe portable install of npp.6.9.2 is so old, I do not know if the settings are stock. I do not care about the settings from npp 6. I only care about the opened files and especially the unsaved opened files.

    I have about 100 backup files in total, and about 50 of them are opened in sessions.xml.

    In npp.7.8.9.bin.x64 , I started to remove the saved or unsaved files I do not care about, which cleaned up a bit the files in \npp.6.9.2.bin\backup, because it is there that sessions.xml points too.
    However there are files in \npp.6.9.2.bin\backup that I do not care about and which are not even opened so I would like them gone.

    I was thinking of somehow locking all the files opened in session.xml and then in the folder \npp.6.9.2.bin\backup, I select all the file, delete them and windows will compalin that some fiels are open in another progam, so they cannot be deleted (which is what I want), and I click cancel for those files.

    Is it possible to do this? Otherwise how to clean up my backup folder?

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