Administrator Mode

  • I have a File i wish to edit:
    C:\Program Files\Aspire 10.5\Lua\ zzCNCWoodCarving.lua
    However Notepad will not let me Save it!
    How do I open a file in Administrator Mode?

  • @Alan-Robinsin ,

    In general, to edit a file in administrator mode, the Notepad++ application has to be run in administrator mode. That is accomplished the same as any other Windows application, and is not unique to Notepad++.

    An example sequence that worked for me

    1. Exit all instances of Notepad++.
    2. Run one instance as administrator (you may have to browse to the notepad++.exe and right click, run as administrator).
      • it should say [Administrator] at the end of the window title
    3. File > Open, and browse to the file you want to edit. You should be able to save, if it was really an administrator-mode issue.

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