Notepad ++ is not working in chrome I type the code but it doen;s display it in chrome template .Please help me resolve this but it dosen't dispaly anything on Browser

  • <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang-“pl” >
    <meta> charset="utf-8 />
    <title>Najlepsze filmy!<title/>
    <meta name=“decription” content="Prze Toba spios moich ulubionych filmow .Sprawdz czy znasz je wszystkkie.Uczta dla kinomaniaka! />
    <meta name=“keywords” content=“film,kino,najlepsze filmy,top filmy” />
    <meta htttp-equiv=“X-UA-Compatible” contnet="IE=edge,chrome=1 />



    <h1 najlepsze filmy 


    but it doent dispaly anything on Browser

  • @Jędrek-Zwierko ,

    Your question is what we call a cookie-baking question: just because you type your HTML with Notepad++ doesn’t mean that a Notepad++ is the appropriate place to ask your HTML question. (See our FAQ: . The easy way to tell if your question belongs here is if you would expect the same answer whether you use Notepad++ or notepad.exe or SomeRandomEditor to edit your code: if the answer would be the same, then this isn’t the right forum.)

    However, your HTML problem is pretty easy to spot: <h1 najlepsze filmy is not valid HTML: you probably meant something like <h1>najlepsze filmy </h1>. Since there is no closing >, the <h1> tag is never finished, so your browser has nothing to render.

    Further, though it’s unrelated to your problem, the way to close the body element is </body>, not the <body/> that you use.

    If you have further HTML questions, please find an HTML-focused forum.

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