Hell to you and your free speech!

  • It baffles me why a small software community needs to be politicized.
    There’s no use to advocate any of your political views.
    No one cares what you think, believe, and say, just shut up about it!

  • 支持你兄弟 中国只有一个 西方人没有权限来对我们国家内政评头论足 一个软件必须和政治扯上关系? 操你妈的傻逼作者

  • To be honest, I’m surprised a little software author can be such politicized ignoring the truth and investigation.

    I have used notepad for many years, before I leave it, I have words for the author:

    Don’t be the Frog In The Well. Respect the truth. Be honest and kindness.

  • 傻逼作者,觉得在新闻上了解了点皮毛就来搞我们。草。 那我还BLM. I CANT BREATH . 美国黑人咋没见你们这么关心。关心别人国家的事情。草你妈、傻逼。香港 台湾都是中国的, 很快你们美国都是中国的。我说的,耶稣来了也没用。

  • It is shock to me when I find out notepad++ is supporting the riots. These riots can burn people alive if he has a different political opinion. The riots are taking away Hong Kong peoples’ freedoms and human rights.

    National security law is common in the world. National security law in US is more strict than Hong Kong. Any American or European who stands up for US in the any place in the world and violates this law, can be arrested in US, even stop-over flight in US allies. The national security law in Hong Kong is protecting Hong Kong people from these riots.

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