creare macro eliminare spazi e virgole

  • 8006188012639, ,12 original text

    8006188012639,12 final result

  • @massimo-la-terra said in creare macro eliminare spazi e virgole:

    final result

    Your 1 example line does not help much. All I can see from that one line is a comma, followed by a space and then another comma. If that is how ALL lines are that you want to change, then the Replace function with search mode set to “normal” will replace the , , with , when these 2 sets of characters are entered in the Find What and Replace With fields.

    As your title suggests you want to create a macro, then the steps to take are:

    1. Macro, Start Recording
    2. Search, Replace
    3. Enter the , , and , fields and set search mode to “normal”.
    4. Click on the Replace All button, then click Close
    5. Macro, Stop Recording
    6. Macro Save current recorded macro, give it a name.

    That’s it. Now you can play that macro in any file you open.


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