Cannot post because of spam detection

  • Hi, I tried to create a topic to ask for help but the site prevents me to do so because of spam detection. I’ve just signed in on this site and I have never posted anything, so I don’t understand why I cannot post…

  • This topic creation worked but I still cannot create a topic for my original question. The exact error message is Post content was flagged as spam by (Sorry for the double post but posts can only be edited for 3 minutes.)

  • @Myvh ,

    The Akismet filter is sometimes overly aggressive. What I do when I see that warning is I cut out a portion of my post, submit the post, then edit and paste back in and re-submit, and it generally works.

  • Thank you for your reply! Actually the filter just blocked every URL, even if it was an edit. Not very practical…

  • @Myvh

    Why don’t you ask your question without the URLs.

    To me it sounds like you are asking how to get around the filter…so that you can then spammify the forum!

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